For over 6 years, this team of seasoned industry professionals has been successfully promoting websites for businesses of all sizes. We have confidently established ourselves in the German market, with our solutions, expertise, and insights now primarily focused on catering to businesses in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Our skills in technical SEO and web development are particularly tailored to these markets, with a strong emphasis on e-commerce, service-based sites, and informational platforms.

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In 2023, we attracted 780 new leads for our clients.

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Increased traffic for our clients by 314% in August alone



Developed and implemented 16 SEO strategies that helped our new clients launch their businesses



Launched 4 own projects

Our commitment to customer focus drives your business growth.

Maximize Value with Cost Reimbursement Assistance

At SEODACH, we not only provide top-tier SEO services but also assist our clients in obtaining reimbursement for our services from various funds. Clients can receive an amount up to 50% of the service costs. This unique service is offered at no additional cost to our clients. We handle all the necessary paperwork and organize the entire reimbursement process for you.

Your All-encompassing Solution to Search Engine Promotion.

With SEO being their core expertise, SEODACH offers a comprehensive suite of services, including copywriting, link building, contextual advertising, logo and corporate identity design, website development, and hypothesis testing. This enables their clients to delegate all components of SEO strategy to one dedicated team which consequently saves clients’ time and resources.

Stay in Touch and Monitor Your Growth 24/7.

Successful search engine promotion demands timely reaction and error fixing. Therefore each SEODACH project is supervised by a personalised manager who stays in touch with the clients and resolves the occurring problems on the spot.

Transparency and Real-Time Communication.

SEODACH’s skilled developers have created a CRM dashboard that provides their clients with real-time monitoring of project progress, promotion pace and effectiveness, task status, and many additional metrics.

Cutting-Edge SEO Tools for Your Competitive Advantage

SEODACH’s professionals are dedicated to continuously studying, analyzing, improving, and developing their skills in the highly competitive and ever-evolving niche of search engine optimization. What sets the company apart is not just its expertise and numerous success cases, but also the arsenal of six proprietary tools that its clients can leverage­ to enhance their online­ presence. These tools enable clients to test the performance­ of their websites, de­lve into various SEO tasks, evaluate e­xisting teams, and explore a multitude­ of other possibilities in their digital e­ndeavors. The foundation of SEODACH’s success lie­s in their tireless commitment to staying ahe­ad of the SEO landscape and keeping track of each new algorithm update­ and industry innovation.
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Unlock Your Digital Potential: Our suite of SEO services is designed to elevate your online presence, ensuring maximum visibility and growth.

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