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In the digital commerce landscape you can not do without effective and structural optimization. SEO tools allow marketers and business owners to collect and analyze data, and help them quickly move up in the search engine results. There are many different tools and plugins on the market that simplify the work of SEO specialists. But how to choose from the huge variety and which are the most effective? Today we will present you with a wide selection of the best and most modern tools that will help you achieve your goals and beat the competition. 

Gtmetrix – quick and easy website speed test

How does your website perform? Get the quickest answer to this question with GTMetrix, one of the most effective tools available, showing important metrics such as automatic monitoring and Core Web Vitals. 

Tool Overview 

The SEO ranking is directly related to its loading speed. If the pages load slowly, the site has little chance of reaching the top 10 in search engine results. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to this issue. This can be done with the help of GTmetrix, a service that allows you to analyze the loading speed of your website. This tool can analyze many important indicators. You can use the service for free. However, you should keep in mind that in the free version, the functionality is limited. The tool allows you to check not only your site but also the platforms of your competitors. To do this, you should enter the URL in the appropriate field and click on Test your site, after which the test results will be displayed.

What is the benefit of the tool? 

No one likes slow websites. They can lead to a loss of visitors. This is especially true for resources where access to content should be as fast as possible.

Choosing the GTMetrix speed testing tool is worthwhile for several reasons: 

  • Provides multi-location testing, allowing you to find out the speed of your site in your GEO, where your target audience is located; 
  • Customization for different device types; 
  • Simulates mobile Internet and different speeds; 
  • Continuous data monitoring with notifications; 
  • Ability to test any website. 

You can even test performance with a free plan. You can also set custom conditions to trigger email notifications. 

Ahrefs is the universal SEO tool 

Every website owner wants to outperform their competitors by getting maximum organic traffic from search engines. A tool that allows you to get this kind of traffic is the biggest source of getting interested users. It is also free, passive, and consistent. 

Tool overview 

The Ahrefs tool allows you to work with your site in many ways, from analyzing the competition and planning the structure to tracking the current positions and analyzing the results. Many options are useful for marketers who specialize in promoting online resources in search engines. Initially, this tool was launched to analyze the backlinks of the site. Today, its capabilities are much broader, but it is also focused on working with links. 

What is the benefit of the tool? 

The tool allows you to identify: 

  • Queries your potential customers use in their searches;
  • A large amount of data for search engine marketing;
  • Get tools for versatile work with the site in one service;
  • Up-to-date data on sites with maximum speed of information update;
  • Proprietary site performance indicators: Ahrefs ranking, domain ranking, and URL ranking; 
  • Content ideas from your competitors and the most relevant content for your niche; 
  • Links that can improve your optimization; 
  • Your ranking position; 
  • Technical issues prevent your site from ranking.

With Ahrefs you can also see where your competitors are driving paid traffic, and what keywords and ads they are using. All this, together with its intuitive interface, makes Ahrefs Tool an indispensable assistant for search engine marketing specialists. You can easily create, analyze, and promote your web resources. You can understand the functionality and metrics with the help of special tutorials provided by Ahrefs. 

SEO Plugins for Chrome

If you have yet to discover Chrome plugins, you will have to spend a lot of time identifying its key aspects such as meta tags, canonical, on-page header hierarchy, and more. We provide you with a few plugins that can greatly simplify your analysis and optimization work. 

Detailed SEO – Get all the data you need 

This extension provides access to a lot of data on the page, namely: metadata, markup H1-H5, canonical, robots.txt, and so on. Let’s take a closer look at how this works. 

All the necessary data will open in front of you as soon as you install the extension. Each section of the extension menu has its information.

Plugin Overview 

All data is displayed in the main section called Overview. Let’s familiarize ourselves with them in more detail: 

  • Title. A list of all headings of different levels on the page is displayed here. The level of a particular title is marked; 
  • Lefts. This displays information about the number of links, unique, outgoing, and incoming. Below are all these links in the form of a list and the anchor; 
  • Images. By viewing this section, you can get information about the total number of images on the page; 
  • Schema. This section contains information about the schema of the page. This is microdata used by the search engine to understand the information on the page;
  • the list of social networks displayed on the page and the basic data about them; 
  • Quick links – this is the last section within the menu where links to useful resources are provided. They can be used for additional or in-depth analysis of a particular page or the entire site.

What is the usefulness of the tool? 

This extension offers a variety of commands that you can see when you right-click on a page. You can highlight nofollow links, perform a simple domain search, or crawl a web page using various SEO tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz. With this tool, you can easily get information about your competitors which will help you in your future promotion strategy. 

In addition, with this tool, you can highlight any text on the page and check for its duplicates on the web. This allows you to eliminate plagiarism on the pages and website check if your content has been used by someone else. – easy sales and marketing without routine

The best sales and email marketing automation solution that frees you from routine. 

By subscribing to this tool you will get the following benefits: 

  • credits; 
  • Email recipients; 
  • A large number of accounts to send emails to;
  • large number of emails;
  • Limited inbox warm-up; 
  • CRM sales; 
  • Drip email campaigns; 
  • Email prospecting, verification, and warming; 
  • Chrome plugins. 

Plugin Overview 

  • Let’s take a look at the main functions and features of the extension:
  • Email Finder. Use the emails of your potential customers with the Email Finder plugin. Scan your site for all emails and get them as a list;
  • Email Verifier. provides email verification with many online sources and gives a green signal whether you can send or not. For bulk verification, you can upload Excel or CSV files with up to 100,000 rows of emails; 
  • Email warm-up. The tool provides a guided AI-based email warm-up process. The module includes sophisticated chips, customization, and detailed scheduling; 
  • Email Search. allows you to find out the work and personal email addresses of the person you are interested in. All you need to specify is first name, last name, and domain. You can upload a CSV file with 50,000 lines of data when searching; 
  • CRM tool for sales. Manage your deals efficiently with CRM. Use the deals module to generate as many leads as you need; 
  • Drip campaigns. Attract leads, build relationships with them, and drive sales using automation and artificial intelligence; 
  • Tracking and analysis. Use the statistics option in CRM for deals and transactions. View the active and closed deals dashboard under your account and statistics. The email Drip Campaigns module shows the number of emails sent and opened, actual clicks, responses, and number of bounces. 

What is the usefulness of the tool? tool is the perfect sales tool your company or agency needs for research, customer management, and email marketing campaigns.

You can start with the Free level to see if it suits your sales and marketing needs or not. To scale up, you can upgrade to the Starter plan.

Keywords Everywhere – Qualitative analysis of queries and more

The Keywords Everywhere tool is a relatively new and very effective way to analyze key queries. Let’s take a look at its basic principles. 

Plugin overview 

The main difference to consider when using this plugin is that it is designed exclusively for keyword research. The tool allows you to discover search queries that you can use in your content across multiple channels. 

What is the usefulness of the tool? 

This tool can be used for keyword research, but you can also do other things with it. For example, it allows you to qualitatively adjust your PPC campaigns based on the data derived from the trends, competition, and price-per-click values obtained thanks to this tool. 

We also really like the “Page Analyzer” feature in this software, which allows you to perform a huge number of keyword metrics checks on your competitors’ pages. The tool even tells you the exact location of keyword queries. 

SEOInfo is a reliable assistant for website optimization

The extension shows the presence of internal optimization problems. You can also use it to get information about meta tags, structured data, and canonical pages. However, by using the Pagespeed Insights API, you can get information directly in the extension window. 

Plugin Overview 

With SEOInfo you are automatically informed about optimization errors. All SEO and performance data of the current page and graphics can be displayed with one click. The tool includes SEO validation and AMP validation inside the extension. You can easily save the information with a single click to another tab for printing or saving to a file. 

Key Features: 

  • Structured data validation and reporting; 
  • Canonical link checking for robots.txt blocking or redirect loop; 
  • Full AMP page checking. Errors and warnings are displayed in the extension; 
  • Full HrefLang check: multiple entries, meta or robots.txt blocking, reciprocal links, correct language codes, location; 
  • Check desktop and mobile versions;
  • Analysis and evaluation with bugs and recommendations for performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and Progressive Web App;
  • Page title, description, canonical version. 

What is the usefulness of the tool? 

This great solution allows you to easily identify internal optimization problems. You can analyze meta tags, and structured data, and identify canonical pages. With it, you can get automatic error notifications and SEO analysis at the click of a button. 

Chrome bookmarks – improving the life of an optimizer 

Java Script bookmarks improve the life of an SEO optimizer. But unfortunately, many people don’t even know what it is. Our goal is to tell you about it. Java Script code is executed directly on the page after it is loaded.  

Overview of the tool 

With bookmarks, you can save and organize web pages directly in your browser. They allow you to form folders for convenience and access to the links you need. 

Main features

Bookmarks have these features: 

  • You can create useful bookmarks with a single tap and organize them into folders for convenience; 
  • Bookmarks sync between devices under your Google Account so that you can access them from different devices; 
  • Find the information you need quickly with a quick and easy bookmark search; 
  • Easily edit and delete bookmarks.

What is the usefulness of Chrome bookmarks 

Chrome bookmarks are a handy tool that gives you quick access to all the information you need in your browser. With this tool, a large number of web pages allows you to save interesting material, and synchronization on devices always ensures that you will always have your links available. 

WordPress: yoast seo – unlock your website’s potential 

The Yoast SEO plugin is one of the most effective tools to improve the SEO optimization of a website. Let’s take a look at the main features and benefits of the Yoast SEO tool, and the features that allow you to unlock the potential of your website. 

Plugin Overview

Yoast SEO is a popular WordPress plugin that gives website owners and content creators the tools they need to optimize pages for search engines. With this plugin, you can analyze the keywords, readability, and metadata of your online resource and make recommendations for improvement. It is a feature-rich extension that allows you to optimize both the content and the technical aspects of your website.  

Essential features: 

  • The ability to analyze a page’s top queries and ensure they are being applied correctly. Use the SEO Analytics tab to view the status of a page or publication for a selected query and more;
  • Content readability checker. Suggestions for improving text cohesion, such as adding transition words, breaking up long paragraphs, and using active voice. This improves the user experience and increases the likelihood that your site will be promoted in search engine rankings; 
  • Yoast SEO automatically creates a sitemap and updates it as new pages or posts are added;
  • Checking your site’s social media profiles ensures that your site appears in search results on platforms like Facebook and Twitter;
  • Yoast SEO’s redirect manager allows you to easily and efficiently manage a large number of redirects. 

What is the benefit of the tool? 

If you are tired of agonizing with the complexities of search engine optimization and trying to crack the code of algorithms, to master the art of SEO and finally take the top first place in search engine results will allow plugin Yoast SEO.

The plugin offers tremendous benefits to business owners: 

  • Bypass competitors and enjoy traffic and recognition;
  • Optimize technical aspects such as canonical URLs and meta tags, allowing you to focus on creating engaging content for your target audience; 
  • Rising in the rankings, which allows you to take advantage of advanced options such as sitemaps, title and meta description templates, and structured data integration. This allows search engines to fully understand your site and help it rise to the top of search results; 
  • Improving SEO and Content Readability provides valuable insights and useful guidelines for creating quality content that resonates with readers and search engines.

Thus, by using the Yoast SEO tool, website owners can achieve excellent optimization for their pages, which significantly increases the likelihood of them appearing at the top of search rankings. Start using the tool today to get your site ranked and get quality traffic.  

To summarize 

Business owners and Internet marketers know that SEO is critical to the success of any website. It provides customers with an easy path to the resource and increases traffic and visibility in search engine results. Using the modern tools we have provided in our guide, you can easily achieve your business goals by saving time and automating routine tasks. 

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