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8 seo challenges faced by our clients


Overall, you have lost faith in SEO efficiency

Your current SEO agency or consultant hardly showed you any results, and you are disappointed with the forecasts


The forecast for positive seo results is long-term

You were told by consultants that SEO is a long-term game, but you aren’t ready to postpone your positive results until later. You need ROI soon


Your in-house SEO specialist and the technical teams can't agree on a seo strategy

The technical department in your company isn't ready to comply with all business demands from the marketing team and the search engine optimization agency


Your budget is burning up fast without any signs of positive results.

You spend money on seo consulting, backlinks and quality content, but the results do not meet expectations.


You are losing market share to your direct competitors.

You are investing in SEO and expensive seo consulting, but despite all your efforts, the prospects find your competitors first, and you don’t know how to change it.


You are targeting an entirely new niche (audience).

Your familiar market strategy doesn't work for your new customer segments; you want to delegate this to an expert.


You can’t figure out which SEO metrics are worth tracking.

It is challenging to meet all changing search algorithm requirements, and every Google Update worsens your stats.


SEO costs are unpredictable month-to-month.

You are tired of unpleasant surprises when unplanned services and additional payments appear in your monthly SEO invoices.

Hiring the whole SEO team usually does not fit into your budget.

Hiring an SEO specialist or cunsultant, link builder, and copywriter are crucial for efficient SEO performance. If you calculate the basic salary (we took the average wage from Glassdoor for seo consulting), the in-house SEO team could cost you at least 147 000+ a year. Still, the results could be unpredictable.

  Salary per year Taxes Sum
Senior seo specialist 65 000 € 20% 78 000 €
Linkbuilder 45 000 € 20% 54 000 €
Copywriter working-student 13 000 € 20% 15 600 €

Sum total: 147 600 €

* we took the median statistical salary from glassdoor.

You could also hire multiple freelancers to handle various SEO tasks, but this could end up costing you even more, as it requires your support and attention and therefore your costly time. In addition, the positive result is still not guaranteed.

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