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Are you struggling to grow your e-commerce project?


Your website doesn’t get enough visitors

You constantly face challenges in attracting more visitors because your website isn’t on top for relevant keywords.


Your visitors aren’t turning into customers

You have consistent traffic, but they don’t convert into customers because they experience difficulties finding what they desire


You need to fight with large brands for market share

It is difficult to find out how to compete with large brands, which are constantly at the top of the search rank


You spend a lot on content strategy but get low results

You either spend money on low-quality content, or it doesn’t match your audiences’ relevant search keywords


Website technical problems affect site performance

It’s hard to do business, generate cash flow, and take care of the technical side of a website simultaneously, but hiring a tech team is expensive


Your visitors leave your website too quickly

Your website shows a high bounce rate, and prospects exit your shop without engagement, indicating they didn’t find what was expected


You feel it is necessary to grow your marketing team, but your budget isn’t ready

You find it difficult to track all nuances in SEO on e-commerce websites, but you think hiring a promotional agency is too early for you


You face challenges with SERP and customer trust

While you invest time and money into proper SERP strategies, your website still lacks trustworthiness and authority among your clients

You want to do your business and get money, not to be an all-in-one marketer.

Amazon SEO, Shopify SEO, eBay SEO - every resource’s use case needs to be studied regularly to keep in check all updates timely to maintain your visitors’ flow consistently.

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Get rid of unpredictable costs and results - it’s time to entrust your SEO to reliable hands.

Seodach is a reliable partner in the market of organic traffic and lead generation services. We know exactly what your business needs and we are ready to work with you!

Search engine optimization

Analytics, metrics and data points

Full graphic support

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My name is Alex, and I have been in your shoes for 12+ years, developing my own e-commerce projects and helping develop and grow others.

I often hear the idea that SEO in E-commerce is like regular SEO. Still, I must convince you that it is one of the most complicated SEO branches, where all nuances are crucial for your success.

To underestimate the importance of e-commerce SEO means you are getting fewer clients and profits than it could be.

I created SEODACH to help DACH businesses, and e-commerce businesses, in particular, get more sales and raise their income consistently using the power of SEO.

I am here to convince you that SEO agency services could not cost a fortune but bring a predictable customer flow to start earning more.

Book a consultation with me to discover how I can help with your tasks.

What services are included in the e-commerce package

Competitors research

Defining your competitors’ keywords and building a competitive strategy

Technical optimization

Checking and optimization of the technical issues, mobile issues

Conversion optimization

Analysing customer routes, including design, customer experience, CTAs

SERP and customer reviews

Analyzing and optimization of SERP, incorporating reviews in SEO strategy

Effective content strategy

Creating and implementing efficient content strategies to lead you to the top

Full IT and SEO service

We will help you with the realization of IT solutions for your online store

What would be the plan for you to work with us?