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Small business SEO services that save your startup money.

34% of startup failures are due to a poor product-market fit*. Be smarter – play the long game.
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Can you relate?


You are not entirely sure if your MVP will get traffic.

You spent time and money building the perfect MVP but want to see your product in action and check the audience's interest.


The investors for your startup aren’t satisfied with the current traffic traction.

You feel that your startup is a unicorn, but you need more time to prove it and want to avoid spending too much money on paid advertising.


You don’t have the budget to hire a marketing team.

It is too early to grow your digital marketing team, and you feel there should be a way to improve sales without burning thousands of euros.


Current SEO marketing activities are no longer enough for your startup.

Your SEO expertise and experience are far behind your startup's current level and don’t maintain your startup and small business’s growth.


You don’t know how to test your MVP in a cheap and quick way.

You face the challenge of not spending the entire monthly budget on validating your hypothesis before you can actually launch your product.


You need to fight fiercely for market share.

It is hard to find out how to compete in your crowded market, where certain brands have been in the lead for a long time in SEO marketing for small businesses.


Your budget is tight and needs to be predictable.

You must stick to the budget due to your financial and funding plan, and all other agencies charge additional for every step.


You need to get stable results regardless of ad spending.

Paid advertising has produced quick results that are not repeated without advertising costs, and you need something for the long game for your small business.

You are overwhelmed by the amount of metrics to control.

As a small business owner / startup founder, you don’t have time to track everything: you need to handle your investors’ meetings, fundraising activities, operational issues, hiring employees, creating roadmaps and focus on product development. This list is endless.

How will you ever include tracking weekly SEO updates and marketing ops micromanagement to your day-to-day business?

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Why is SEODACH the best solution for you?

All you need now – is to stop getting deeply into your day-to-day routine, at least for SEO tasks, and find the right partner you can rely on.

Search engine optimization

Analytics, metrics and data points

Full graphic support

Full programming support

Personality Business & E-commerce Expertise

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My name is Alex, and I have been in your shoes for 12+ years, developing my own e-commerce projects and helping develop and grow others.

I often hear the idea that SEO in E-commerce is like regular SEO. Still, I must convince you that it is one of the most complicated SEO branches, where all nuances are crucial for your success.

To underestimate the importance of e-commerce SEO means you are getting fewer clients and profits than it could be.

I created SEODACH to help DACH businesses, and e-commerce businesses, in particular, get more sales and raise their income consistently using the power of SEO.

I am here to convince you that SEO agency services could not cost a fortune but bring a predictable customer flow to start earning more.

Book a consultation with me to discover how I can help with your tasks.

What services are included in the startup package

Creation of MVP and landing pages

Building the perfect showcase of your product (design and web development).

Targeted traffic generation

You will get relevant leads who desire to test and buy your solution.

Optimizing conversions to the first leads and clients

Optimization of customers’ routes at the website to get the desired outcome.

SEO roadmap for the next 3 months

High-level SEO checklist of what you should do after our partnership with your startup.

Investing your time and money in SEO today is the result and sales of tomorrow for your small business

From 400 euros for the full-cycle validating scope.